Family portrait photography in Enfield and London

Small child in photo studio

Family portrait photography in Enfield and across London

We specialize in family photography and have enormous experience in capturing those special pictures that bring out the character and personality of your family members.

 We run the actual photo-shoot in your home with our state of the art mobile equipment or work at any outside location you want or if preferred in our “ruff cut” studio by London Bridge.

We discuss the shoot before you attend and help you (help us) decide the best way to show your family and their special qualities. Please bring any props to the shoot, such as favorite toys to help get the young ones in the mood. Our sessions are always fun and sometimes just plain mad but at the end we always capture fantastic images for you to view later.

“After your photoshoot we work with you on designing artwork”

After the shoot our digital finishing process kicks in where we quality check all images and apply any style choices agreed earlier.  Many clients opt for natural color but the range can include black & white and other choices, for example  suitable for making works of art to decorate your home.

Then we arrange a viewing session in the comfort of your home and using state of the art technology bring the images to life.  We can even simulate selected images onto pictures of your rooms to help you decide how to display and make beautiful works of art coordinate with your existing styles